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Home Services and Generations: How is Marketing Changing?

As the younger generations become a more significant force in the home-buying market, it can become a challenge for home services businesses to adjust their marketing strategies to connect with consumers of varying ages. In 2023, Gen Z made up 4% of homebuyers, while Millennials accounted for 37%.

A significant difference among generations from Gen Zs to Boomers is their level of tech-savviness. To maintain strong customer connections, home service businesses must embrace technology intentionally. This highlights the importance of tools, such as websites and social media, for any successful business.

Generation X

Gen X prefers Facebook and YouTube for brand interaction. They use YouTube for DIY home service tasks but rely on recommendations from peers and family for larger projects like plumbing and major renovations.

With 75% of Gen X engaging with Facebook daily, it's the ideal platform for them to connect with home service businesses. Posting reels, stories, or general posts with captions can be effective. Neighborhood and local Facebook groups may also share home service recommendations, so having a strong, active presence is important.

Generation Y

Millennials, like Gen X, primarily use Facebook, but Instagram is a close second for them. They also engage with platforms like Snapchat and Twitter. Social media is crucial for maintaining customer relationships with them.

Millennials are interested in company culture, promotions, reviews by past customers, and customer service, all of which can be incorporated into social media content. According to a recent study, 72% of millennials say they use social media to research products and services, and 69% say they use social media to connect with brands.

Generation Z

Generation Z is the most tech-savvy and represents a rising consumer base for home service businesses. They are active on Instagram and TikTok and have a preference for quick, visual content. TikTok has gained immense popularity among Gen Z for short-form videos, making it a unique platform for brand awareness.

Gen Z is interested in authenticity and transparency and will seek out brands that are genuine in their messaging. They trust reviews and recommendations from peers and influencers more than traditional advertising and are drawn to authentic experiences and real-life feedback from other individuals who have interacted with the brand.

While some may consider social media for home services too time-consuming or challenging to keep up with, it can provide connections and information about the business that homeowners are seeking. Adapting to different platforms and generational preferences will help local home service professionals thrive in a competitive market.

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