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  • Jackie Benjamin

Building a Team

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

As your business grows, you quickly realize that you alone can no longer manage all the functions required to keep it running. You should ask yourself which tasks you need to be doing and which tasks someone else could take on for you.


I had the privilege of being a softball mom for 14 years. Fourteen years of watching games, cheering for my daughter, packing the cooler, carrying the first aid kit, lugging the cart with all the stuff, and watching the intricacies of teamwork at its finest.

As the players and teams grew and evolved, they became disciplined, well-organized, and focused on winning and having fun together. Much like a business, there would be no wins without everyone using their strengths and working together.

When I think about how the coaches guided the teams to victories, I can’t help but notice the similarities between that and a successful business. Each player on the team had their strengths and skills. If you were to move one of them into a position they didn’t usually play, the whole team would be affected, and it would be harder to accomplish their goals.


When you’re building your team, it may seem like a good idea to have everyone on the team be able to do most or all the functions of your business. However, getting things done would be more challenging and may take much longer, leading to burnout.

When you rely on each other’s specific skill sets, the whole team benefits and can then focus on what they do best. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks refers to this as the “Zone of Genius.”

Consider using experts who can focus on the one thing in their “Zone of Genius.” Doing so will allow you to work in your “Zone of Genius” and spend more energy scaling your business.


A great way to find experts in a specific area is by outsourcing. When you outsource, you can hand over a portion of your work without having the cost of a full-time employee or the time commitment to onboarding.

Outsourcing agencies are built to take work from another business as seamlessly as possible. Since they’re experts at what they do, there is very little time lost to onboarding or learning new skills.


When the marketing agencies we work with outsource their clients’ social media management to us, they know they won’t have to create or schedule posts because that’s our job. Of course, they can also manage social media, but their “Zone of Genius” is developing strategies to help their clients grow their businesses.

Outsourcing gives them more time to bring on new clients who need their help with marketing strategies. Because they can focus on what they are uniquely skilled to do, they can start to scale their businesses.


Just like those softball teams, when everyone in a business is in the position they are uniquely suited for, everyone on the team wins. And who doesn’t want to be on a winning team??

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